You create an authentic space that invites people to explore the innocent child within them. The being that is no longer hurt but free to create, be, and explore. You create meticulously with precision and thoughtful execution. You quietly lead by example, create, and execute visions. You bring creativity, strength, an ability to be, wisdom, and power.
— Natasha
Peace, hope, creativity. A demand to be authentic.
— Simone
Creative perspective, compassion listening skills, yet a real sense that we have something to accomplish and we CAN do it because you validate that we can. You’re a leader, connector, you are all those things, I do not know. Effortless brilliance, fun and relatable quirky sense of humor, grounded non-judgmental spirit, enthusiasm, bridge.
— Carmela
You focus on foundational design - how are we going to build what we’re going to build? Storytelling; consistency / reliability / attention to detail; doing by prioritization and also through sequential order. Mindfulness, realness, holding space, a presence who listens, heart. And an earthy Taurean pragmatism.
— Hardeep
Quiet strength. Wisdom. Empathetic spirit that radiates light. Your creative energy is powerful, even when you’re just sitting down.
— Kelsey
Creativity. I think you give a lot of creativity when it comes to problematic situations. And not only in problematic situations, but also engaging in creative ways to work with the group. Things that revolve around a sense of community. Empathy.
— John
Realness, rawness. Space shows up. A willingness to say things others won’t say often. Depth.
— Sean
When you speak, what you say makes an impact. Your words are not wasted. Your presence is warm and familiar, when you’re feeling better than ok. You mediate and hear people when in a community event space.
— Gail
You show up with... a very inclusive presence. You’re very welcoming and compassionate and inclusive of everyone. Mindful. You bring a lot of different and new perspectives to look at, while being inclusive. You facilitate dialogue... dialogues to hard topics. And you bring organization!
— Rhonalyn
Passion for interconnectedness, authenticity, tranquil energy... patience, peace, ability to be observant of surroundings, and compassion.
— Jasmine
You bring a sharp determination, integrity, a fierce commitment to strategic action, innovation, possibility and solution. You bring momentum and detailed planning. Also an opening up of space for vulnerability and acceptance for wherever someone is at emotionally or mentally or physically. You bring an artistic approach to community building and activism that draws attention to core ideals yet also in-betweens and the feelings. You also bring small joys, heartfelt warmth, thoughtfulness and a hope that’s needed even in the most stressful moments! And drinking or eating delicious foods when necessary. Also uncanny self reflection and willingness to take feedback!
— Angelica