Me, performing at So Say We All's VAMP: ROOTS showcase on December 28, 2017. 

Me, performing at So Say We All's VAMP: ROOTS showcase on December 28, 2017. 

I only started to seriously call myself a writer this year. Owning identities is rough, sometimes. But I'm for real about it now. Go ahead. Say it. Moe is a writer.

Over the last year, I experienced several milestones. It started with visiting my parents' motherland, Pilipinas, last December. That trip led me to seek guidance from a healer, who just happened to also be Pinay. That healing session led me to finally build my own small design and consulting homebase, Create Fam Studio. That studio led me to produce a very thick zine on the topic of intergenerational patterns, in collaboration with my work for MOSAICS and Artists Building Community Project. That production led me to realize that my community action project for RISE San Diego is to write a book about my experiences with love and loss through my relationship with my dad.

And that community action project is what ultimately led me to take up the opportunity to perform a very dear story about my dad and me at So Say We All's VAMP: ROOTS showcase two nights ago. In the words of many show-goers, "I killed it." Actually I feel weird about perpetuating that saying. Let's just say that I got a lot of hugs and shoulder taps from strangers. Something magical happens when I perform, truly, and I can't wait for the next time I get to share.

Another highlight of 2017? Creating and sticking to legit morning and bedtime routines for myself. Mornings include walks with Isa and crossword puzzles. Bedtime is more of a work in progress, but hey, melatonin! A true gift from Mother Nature. I should have started taking it years ago.

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